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At YOUR PATH TO FREEDOM, we are a Community Interest Company that operates under an asset-locked structure. This means that our generated funds cannot be taken or paid out but must be utilised for public benefit, as required by the CIC Regulator.


Our dedicated team comprises of volunteers, most of whom possess firsthand experience with the challenges our organisation seeks to address. As a non-profit entity, we rely on the generosity of others and are only limited by the resources available to us.


Our primary objective is to tackle the multifaceted issues of addiction and mental health, offering support for associated symptoms that may lead to critical social problems within our communities. We strive to assist as many individuals as possible through these challenges, irrespective of their background.


Addiction and mental health issues can significantly impact all areas of a person's life, including their loved ones and the community. It's therefore essential to consider the needs of the whole person, along with those connected to them, such as family and friends. Addiction is a disease that can worsen progressively if ignored. It should be viewed as a public health concern, and we have almost a century of data to back this up. Those battling addiction deserve the same understanding and support as individuals with any other medical condition, free of stigma and criticism. Unfortunately, stigma can have severe consequences, sometimes even resulting in loss of life.


Addiction encompasses various demands, including biological and physical needs, psychosocial requirements, cognitive and spiritual fulfillment, and environmental factors. That's why we collaborate with as many agencies as necessary to provide the appropriate support for those struggling with addiction.


We treat every individual case as unique, offering tailored support to maximise their chances of success. Our team has worked alongside people battling addictions to multiple substances for over two decades, and they have now been in recovery for more than five years. We leverage this experience to help others on their own path to freedom from addiction, working closely with established support services in different boroughs.


While we champion our own projects, we also collaborate with existing organisations as a complimentary service, recognising that no single group can deal with all the problems arising from a person's unique circumstances. We aim to be the first port of call, providing a safe, judgment-free space for individuals to receive the help they need and to know that someone understands their problems and is there to support them on their unique path to recovery and freedom.

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